Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art Visuals Finals (part 3)

Theme: Intercultural at HELP

Name: Around my Neck

1. I start off with new, the canvas size of 16x20 inches with 300 dpi.

2. I placed my sketches on separate layers and positioned them.

3. I used the magic eraser tool to delete unwanted areas of the sketches.

4. Again using magic eraser tool to remove unwanted areas on my other sketch.

5. I repositioned the sketches by clicking "Ctrl + T"

6. To start painting the skin colour of my sketch, I opened a reference picture of my work and used the Eye Dropper Tool to get the right shade.

7. I added that colour to swatches so it will be easier for me to reuse it again.

8. To start colouring in the skin, I used the Quick Selection Tool to select just the neck area, so I am able to colour it in without interfering with the necklace.

9. This is how both sketches looks like after I have colored in the faces by using the brush tool with different opacity.

10. I texturized both sketches with a canvas effect.

11. For the background, I placed a picture i got from the internet.

12. Finally I texturized the picture with a canvas effect also.

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