Monday, October 17, 2011

Rough Sketch Work

My art movement is art Nouveau. The style of art nuoveau consist of organic forms, with natural forms and structures like flowers or plants and curved lines.

My artist of inspiration is Gustav Klimt. His subject in paintings are usually erotic images of women with very elaborated background.

My attempt of an indian inspired fabric pattern, using combination of triads colors although the green looks blue in the picture.

An African inspired print.

This is my attempt to put together similar shapes of two cultures, Indian (top) and Japanese (bottom) of each cultures interpretation of waves.

This is a Batik motif of 3 different cultures. From left to right: Indonesian, Malaysian, African. With the similar subject as leaves and dots and how it's being interpreted in different cultures.

Here I tried to show how the veil is being worn differently by different cultures. With a typical mosque dome, and flower motif as the background.

Here are three kites in different cultures. From left to right: Chinese, Malaysian, Korean. The big and small circles resembles the sky and clouds.

This is my interpretation of hand jewelry in the culture of Chinese and Indian.

This is my interpretation of face and head jewelry in the different culture, using the motif that symbolizes the the culture of Indian and Japanese inadvertently.

Please leave comments or constructive criticism. I would much appreciate some feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

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