Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Visuals Finals (part 1)

After choosing my 3 pre-finalized designs, I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 to edit them.

My chosen art movement is Art Nouveau and Gustav Klimt is my inspired artist. With my 3 sketches I tried to incorporate the styles in Art Nouveau which mainly consist of flat, decorative patterns and intertwined organic forms of stems or flowers.

Theme: Intercultural at HELP

Name: Free as a Kite

1. After consulting with Mr. Deepak, I decided to add more cultures in the composition. So I added 2 more, Japanese and Indian. There is no distinctive kite type of these two cultures, so what I did was to create a pattern that represents both cultures as the look of the kites.
2. I used the software paint to outline the shapes of my kite.

3.I opened a new canvas, 16x20inches with 300 dpi. I then placed each kite on different layers and positioned them a certain way.

4. For the background I used a gradient effect to create the sky, and I texturized it with a stained glass effect.

5. Lastly I used the tool brush in shapes of grass.

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