Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art Visuals Finals (part 2)

Theme: Intercultural at HELP

Name: Headdress

1. Firstly I started with a new canvas, 16x20 inches with 300 dpi. Then I placed my sketches

2. By using the Magic Eraser Tool, I deleted the unwanted areas of the sketch.

3. What it looks like after.

4. I did the same with the other sketch with the two faces and cropped them to have it separated. I placed the sketches by clicking 'Ctrl+t' and positioned them like so and started painting over the faces using the brush tool.

5. I used the Sponge Tool and set it under saturate to increase the level of saturation only on the head pieces.

6. For the background I used the Brush Tool #134 and created a border with the intention of having a patterned background in connection with the style of my inspired artist Gustav Klimt.

7. I contemplated with the overall look of it and after consulting with Mr. Deepak, he said the lines of the background leaves were too distinct and over powering to my subjects so I decided to change it.

8. Using the same technique, I opted for a more softer background and used the brush tool number #45. The blurryness and undefined lines of the leaves compliments my composition better.

9. Lastly I texturized my composition with a canvas effect.

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